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Jamie Thomas

Contrary to what he’d have you believe, Jamie Thomas is not, in fact, a cartoon character. After receiving a restraining order from the ACME Hardware company at the tender age of five after yet another attempt to send off for removable holes, giant rubber bands, and magnetic bird feed, Jamie was faced with a choice: “To get real, or to get surreal?”

Lucky for you, Jamie set out on a lifelong quest to “create work with character, and characters who are real pieces of work.” Inspired by laughter, kept awake most nights by a menagerie of eccentric creatures, and irresistibly attracted to piles of abandoned junk, Jamie channels his off kilter sense of humor and long winded rambles into an eclectic body of work, with features in Typo Magazine and the Art Official St. Petersburg Robot Exchange. Taking a page from the Swiss Army Robot’s Manual (4th Edition), Jamie transforms into a cartoonist, short story author, voice actor, stand up comic, puppet builder and performer, installation artist, and can opener at a moment’s notice.

On the rare occasion he’s not creating, performing, secretly protecting mankind from the horrors of science gone wrong, or writing biographies in the third person, Jamie spends his time collecting comic books, listening to everything from jazz records to cartoon sound effect compilations, and providing a home for lost, abandoned, and wayward sandwiches.

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Highlights from the Past:

The Cartersville Public Library has been very fortunate to host so many fabulous local and Georgia artists since 2005. Bartow native, Walt Floyd, was the first artist to exhibit in the Gallery - just in time for the grand opening of our new facility.