Currently on Exhibit:

Phillis Bostar
Phillis Bostar has always considered herself to be an artist.  Not because she can draw and paint, but because of her insatiable curiosity.  Her imagination is her best friend.   She did not discover she could create a composition using her drawing skills until she was well into adulthood.  Phillis prefers to use colored and graphite pencils, in addition to pastels, oils and watercolor.  Each medium holds its own level of satisfaction...and frustration… for her. 
Being able to create art in a form that is recognizable to everyone has given Phillis a confidence she never knew before.  Her love of art is obvious; her need to share this wonderful gift surprises her.  In art, Phillis has found her personal form of expression.
Phillis Bostar

Highlights from the Past:

The Cartersville Public Library has been very fortunate to host so many fabulous local and Georgia artists since 2005. Bartow native, Walt Floyd, was the first artist to exhibit in the Gallery - just in time for the grand opening of our new facility.