Currently on Exhibit:

Angela DeValentino

Angela DeValentino was born and raised in Southern California and made the big move to Bartow County, Georgia in 2010. Art has always been a big part of her life. Art is a release for her, and she describes it as a way to escape the sometimes overbearing stresses of life. Her artwork is created in acrylic and mixed media, and her ideas are conveyed using vividly eye-catching hues. She would describe her art style primarily as Abstract, although she occasionally enjoys creating Landscape Art, or a combination of the two. Angela’s dream is to share her work with those who can appreciate the outcome of creative experimentation. She loves to create art that is seen, felt, and interpreted differently by each individual person.

Angela’s love of art began when she was a young child. She had a collection of drawing books and would spend hours practicing and creating. Her first experience with painting was when she was twelve years old. She attended a painting class with her best friend. In this class they painted a landscape scene with acrylics, and this opened a whole new world of art and creativity for Angela. She loved it! In High School Angela took three years of art, where she experimented with many different medias, but had yet to find a media that she enjoyed as much as acrylics.

When she left her full time job in 2015 she found the time to experiment with art on a more regular basis. This was when she discovered Fluid Art, a combination of acrylic paint and additives, for the first time . After her first Fluid Art creation, she was hooked! Experimenting with different mixtures and styles to see what result she will get is all part of the thrill. She loves watching the paint flow, and the colors blend. Being able to create something so unique with her own hands gives her much satisfaction. She finds much joy in seeing how each individual interprets her works of creativity. She currently displays her work on her Facebook page, “Angela DeValentino- Art”.

Highlights from the Past:

The Cartersville Public Library has been very fortunate to host so many fabulous local and Georgia artists since 2005. Bartow native, Walt Floyd, was the first artist to exhibit in the Gallery - just in time for the grand opening of our new facility.