Currently on Exhibit:

Pat Stephenson

Imagination: itís a gift that allows us to explore beyond what we see with the eye or the camera, or what a painterís hand can create on a canvas. Sometimes I create art on the spur of a minute and then go for months with no inspiration. I suppose our creativity has to take a vacation now and then. A camera or a paintbrush, they are only tools; each of us uses them differently.

I have been blessed with a few awards, but the most valued honors come from the words expressed by someone who has been emotionally touched by my images.

As a young girl in a remote area of Tennessee, I had no art supplies but my first blue ribbon was received for a piece of art created with white liquid shoe polish on black construction paper. It is the one most remembered, now that I do have access to a better supply of resources.

I love to create composite images with Photoshop. I once felt it was cheating in a way. But if the camera is not giving you what you visualize, you can change it. In the display here at the Cartersville Public Library, you will see several composites that have as many as 20 merged images or more.

My paintings most often depict the early days in Appalachia before the revolution of things we take for granted these days. I remember a simpler way of life when my grandparents lived off the land by farming; preserving food is a skill less practiced nowadays.

I want to thank the Cartersville Public Library for allowing me to show my work; I hope that the viewers enjoy the stories that they tell.

Highlights from the Past:

The Cartersville Public Library has been very fortunate to host so many fabulous local and Georgia artists since 2005. Bartow native, Walt Floyd, was the first artist to exhibit in the Gallery - just in time for the grand opening of our new facility.