The Bartow County Library System is committed to:

Quality Service: The library realizes the importance of performing work in an excellent manner, with the primary focus on exceeding the expectations of the community.

Learning Focus: The library is the focal point of the community in providing a wide variety of materials, resources, and services to meet the instructional, educational, and information needs of the community.

Intellectual Freedom: The library supports the right of its community to information representing all points of view, even when this information may be considered controversial or offensive by others. The Library endorses the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

Universal Accessibility: The library believes that universal accessibility is more than rules and regulations. It is a spirit of striving to provide services, resources, and tools that promote accessibility of information to people of varied backgrounds and needs.

Innovation: While respecting current practices, the library also strives for innovation. We value not just the new, but that which is new and better.

Communication: The library understands that the unrestricted, effective, and frequent exchange of ideas, information, and experience is absolutely necessary for the realization of our vision and the achievement of our goals.

Collaboration/Teamwork: The library believes in collaboration and teamwork, both within and outside of its formal structure. Working together, we gain strength and find solutions.

Positive Attitude: The library believes that a positive attitude will enhance the library experience.

View the library system’s Strategic Plan for details on how we plan to achieve our commitments.