The Bartow County Library System offers free computer classes to the community. Classes take place in the Educational Technology Lab at the Cartersville Library or in the program rooms of either the Adairsville Public Library or the Emmie Nelson Public Library. Class size is limited as each student will have his or her own computer; registration is required due to limited seating.

Class schedules are published quarterly.

Not all classes are offered every quarter.

Beginner Classes

  • Computers Basics - Learn the basics of operating the computer and using a mouse.
  • Intro to the Internet - Explore the browser and learn how to search for the info you need.
  • Intro to Word 2016 - Learn Microsoft WORD a popular word processing program. This class will include working with Spell Check, formatting the document, and working with copy and paste.
  • Intro to Excel 2016 - Learn Excel's basic operations and tools, develop a simple worksheet and how to format that worksheet. Also learn a few common formulas.
  • Intro to the iPad - Bring your own iPad to learn the basics.
  • Intro to Windows 10 - Learn the basics of Windows 10 on your own device.

Intermediate Classes

  • Word: Mail Merge - Use Word and Excel together to create a mailing.
  • Word: More Formatting - Work with numbered lists, bullets, themes & styles.
  • Word: Graphics & Tables - Explore inserting and formatting graphics, pictures, and tables.
  • Excel: Charts & Tables - Delve deeper into Excel with the chart wizard and formatting tables.
  • Intro to PowerPoint - Create a PowerPoint presentation with animations and transitions.
  • PowerPoint: Effects - Create your own templates with pictures and text effects.
  • Photos - Learn how to move your digital photos from your camera to your computer and do basic edits. Bring your digital camera w/ pictures, USB cable, and instruction manual.
  • File Management - Learn how to move files between folders and save to a USB drive and a CD.

Advanced Classes

  • Advanced Excel - Name ranges, use conditional formatting & edit templates.
  • WordPress: Creating Blogs & Websites - learn to use this online software to create your own website